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I started playing acoustic guitar about four years ago now and I don t mind saying I m pretty good. There s loads of stuff I can do and loads that I can t. Even the best guitarist still can learn new techniques and ways of playing. In this article I m going to quickly go through what I did to get to where I am now.

I started off by playing basic tab, things like the Deep Purple Smoke on Water and just got more confident with them, and then I wanted to get to grips with the chords.I recommend learning the most common chords, learn the names, learn the position and practice going quickly from one to another. Now a strumming pattern is very important to make the chords sound good. Watch other people play to get ideas on strumming or just make one up yourself.

Like everything the best way to get good at something is to practice, there s no Learn how to play acoustic guitar in 30 seconds! Becoming good at something takes time and practice but if you enjoy playing like I do practicing isn t a chore it s a fun pastime.

Now once those chords are embedded in your mind and you can go from one to the other reasonably quick I suggest putting them into songs or getting song chords from the net and learning them. Also sing with it, you may not have the most amazing voice, I definitely don t, but singing along with it helps you to build up musical co-ordination which is good to have when playing any instrument.

Once your bored of one, search the web for another, learn that one and get good at playing it, then just move on to the next. Every song is different and each song will have a certain way of playing and technique to use. So keep learning new songs and you will soon advance.

Two of the most common skills in playing the guitar are:

Power chords

Learn these and how to go from one to another and incorporate them into songs, keep doing this until you can play with your eyes closed, Then keep playing till you can play whist standing on one foot, ect. You get the point just keep practicing and it will all pay off. Good Luck I hope this helped.

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