Grand Pianos

In a world that is increasingly based on technology, music has also become digital. Many people prefer to listen to music accentuated with modern methods and over mediums such as the Internet and CD. However, there are also some music lovers who believe that the real taste of music lies in the rendition of live pianos. Grand pianos are pieces of priceless treasure and for someone who owns them they are a matter of great pride. There are many ways to acquire grand pianos and the Internet is an invaluable tool to facilitate this effort.

Before buying a piano, it is essential to make a checklist of the buyer s requirements. Buying a grand piano depends upon the size of the living room and involves factors such as availability of ideal conditions for playing, proper maintenance and regular tuning. The budget and the need to place the piano in an appropriate place wherein it matches the overall d cor of the room are also important factors to be considered.

The cost for a grand piano in excellent condition ranges from $20000 to $70000. As this is a pretty huge investment, it is imperative that the buyer ensures that the requisite environment and utility is available to justify it.

Grand pianos come in various shapes, sizes, colors, wood finishes and sounds. These are distinguished in a number of ways. A popular model of grand piano is the Concert Grand Model D, which is considered as one of the best in terms of its sound effect, looks and reliability. However, they are exorbitantly priced and can be afforded only by really affluent folks. They can cost as much $390,000 but for someone who can afford it and can appreciate its finer nuances, the price for this grand piano is every bit justifiable.

The next exquisite model of grand pianos is the Small Concert Grand Model C, which has a few points of differentiation from the Model D. The series continues with Music Room Grand Model B, Parlor Grand Model A, Living Room Grand Model O and Living Room Grand Model L, all of which are available for sale in the USA only. Baby Grand Pianos are the last in this series classified in the segment of grand pianos.

In general, grand pianos are an amazing experience of perfect piano music. It s always an enthralling experience to play and listen to grand piano. There are many popular sellers of grand pianos, Steinway and Sons in New York being one of them. It is always advisable to check out many options and ask for references while buying a grand piano, as prices and quality tend to vary from one seller to another.

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