Home Piano Lesson Books for Young Children Spark Musical Imagination

Kids wonder about everything. Why did you do that? What are you doing? What s that for? If the questions are starting to get to you, it just means its time to use this energy to fuel your child s musical imagination. Piano lesson books for children use illustrations from everyday life to get musical ideas across to children. Here s ten questions to help your young child explore musical ideas. If your child doesn t know the answer, just ask them, What do you think it would be if you did know? This is a great activity to get kids to use their imaginations even more. Just remember that all your child s answers are okay.

1. Why do birds sing?

2. Where does music come from?

3. Why does it sound pretty when people sing together?

4. Why does a Tuba sound like a Tuba?

5. Why does a Piano sound like a Piano?

6. What kind of an animal would sing a lullaby better, a Bear or a Bunny.

7. How come this music makes you want to dance?

8. Why does this music sound sad?

9. Why do you think children sing the alphabet song to learn their letters?

10. Why do children like music?

Piano lesson books use all kinds of illustrations to get musical ideas across to young children in piano lessons. Birds Singing, Jumping Rope, Skipping, Ballet, Baseball, and Furry Animals are just a few. So don t be afraid to ask your child some silly questions to spark their musical imaginations. They ask you enough silly questions!

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