Piano Instruction - It Doesn't Have to be a Chore for You!

So, you want to learn piano. There are many methods of piano instruction available on the market today. Let's look at what's out there.

Method 1 - Note Reading and the Classical Repertoire
Not a bad choice if you love the classics and want to spend your time learning how to note read. This option is what most piano students choose yet I don't understand why. After all, you might as well throw creativity out the door. You're playing other people's music for crying out loud!

Method 2 - Chord Understanding and Improvisation
Here's where the fun really begins! Learning how to use chords to create your own music is a world apart from note reading and will give you more joy then most any other method. Why? Because you are actively involved in the music making process! Why do you think so many guitar players can just pick up their instrument and play? It's because the learn chords first. Note reading is not emphasized as much for the guitar player.

So, where can you find this kind of piano instruction? There are many teachers who know how to play using the chord-based approach but can't teach this method. A teacher should do more than just give you the techniques and send you on your way. A good teacher will help you trust yourself and the music you play and will act as a mentor, guiding you to your desired goals.

Edward Weiss is a pianist/composer and webmaster of Quiescence Music's online piano lessons. He has been helping students learn how to play piano in the New Age style for over 14 years and works with students in private, in groups, and now over the internet. Stop by now at http://www.quiescencemusic.com/piano_lessons.html for a FREE piano lesson!

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