Piano Thank You For The Music

By: Richard Dornell -

A piano, short for Pianoforte is probably one of the finest musical instruments ever created by man. The sound of a pianoforte can create a wonderful melody that can stir hidden emotions, make us feel elated or sad and transport us into a private world of dreams and fantasy. A musical instrument that traces its history back to the earliest stringed instruments, the pianoforte has been a symbol of grace and refinement for centuries in the western world.

The predecessors of this grand instrument were at best crude attempts to make a stringed keyboard instrument. But the piano as we know it today was created by Bartolomeo Cristofori de Francisco of Padua, Italy in around 1700 and only three of the original Cristofori pianos from 1720s exist today. The development of the pianoforte benefited the most from centuries of improvisations and development on the Harpsichord, an instrument on which Cristofori himself was an expert.

Playing a pianoforte can be an exhilarating experience and across centuries people have had the desire to own the best pianos built. There have been an equal number of companies and individuals that have crafted the best pianos to relay the most soothing sounds possible. Some of the best known pianos are built by Steinway, Baldwin and Chickering among others.

Two factors have contributed greatly to the evolution of this instrument to its present form. One was the demand for a more powerful sound by composers and pianists and the other was the Industrial revolution that gave manufacturers the high quality raw materials like steel to cater to that demand. Today pianos come in two types: the grand and the upright. Technological development has given us a third kind the digital pianos.

Since its invention, this instrument has become an important part of music compositions and as a solo instrument everywhere. It is a delight to the player, composer and to music aficionados world over. That is why it is no wonder everyone wants a part of this history in their homes.

Richard Dornell for Piano Source