Earning Your Home Economics Degree Online  

by Ian Koch

According to the the free Wikipedia encyclopedia 2001-2006 "A degree is any of a wide range of awards made by institutions of higher education, such as universities, normally as the result of successfully completing a program of study."

Online education is a part of what we normally call distance education or distance learning. Wikipedia says that this kind of education is "Teaching people, usually at home or in their place of work, by means of correspondence units, radio, cassettes, telephone, television, microcomputer, electronic mail, or satellite, rather than through face-to-face contact. Often, though not always, a tutor may be involved to give advice or mark written work, either at a distance or through occasional meetings.

Distance education has been particularly popular in sparsely populated areas, or for people not able to attend courses in schools and colleges. Institutions such as the British Open University and Open College have made extensive use of it."

Online learning or "E-learning most often means an approach to facilitate and enhance learning through the use of devices based on computer and communications technology. Such devices would include personal computers, CDROMs, Digital Television, P.D.A.s and Mobile Phones. Communications technology enables the use of the Internet, email, discussion forums, and collaborative software." (Wikipedia, encyclopedia 2001-2006)

Many people are heading online to earn their degrees in such areas as home economics and business administration because it allows them to pursue their degree at their convenience without having to interrupt their current lives or take time away from their existing job to attend classes. A growing number of colleges and universities around the world are offering these e-learning opportunities to help students of all ages pursue their educational goals.

Online education degrees are recognized to be of the same quality as traditional classroom degrees thanks to recent advancements in the quality and reputation of online e-learning programs. Recent legislation passed by Congress in the United States now allows complete degree programs to be taken online without ever having to sit foot in the classroom. This has made the goal of obtaining a higher education within the reach of those who for various reasons just could not attend classes in person.

Pursuing your education online gives you the same interaction and materials you would experience in a normal classroom setup. Instead of listening to a lecture in an auditorium you simply fire up your computer and listen and interact to the instructor online. Forums and email provide communication between the professor and students where questions and discussion of the material can take place. Exams are usually given online or through regional testing centers depending on the class and requirements.

If you are interested in pursing your education or earning your first degree without having to attend traditional colleges check out the many e-learning opportunities available online. You can attend any college around the world, not just the one in your state.

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