The Story Of The Old System, That Earns Me Over $1,000 Per Day  

by Joseph Munoz Inc.

Dear Friend,

First, let me say, this is a rather unusual story. Y'see as I'm writing this, just the other week something happened. I was sitting in my front lounge, laptop on my sofa mindlessly watching TV. When there was a knock at the door. Scattering to put on some clothes I wandered over to the window and noticed it was my neighbor...

...Hell's Bells What Have I Done Now?

...I thought. Opening the door her face was almost red with anger. But after she started to talk it became apparent she wasn't angry at all. More upset. Because she lives in a nice area: Fairly big house. Sporty car. Big Family. But recently her husbands business has gone down the spout.

It's a business which provides bus tours all over the area. Mainly catering for tourists. I don't know the reasons for its sudden bombing, and she asked me not to talk about it on this website. So I'll skip over to what she said...

"Billy... What the heck do you do for a living.. What's your job" Sarah said looking down at her feet.

I stopped dead. It's a question I get quite a lot. Especially from family and friends. I usually tend to avoid it - quite simply because whatever way I try to explain it people either look at me blankly or call me a liar.

"I only ask because with the recent problems Dave (her husband) has run into at work... We can't afford to keep up payments on the house. I mean, we can barely put food on the table at the minute." Sarah said quietly, for Dave was gardening next door.

"No, really," Sarah said nodding... "What do you do? Did you inherit millions from a relative? Or get lucky with shares?"

I have to admit her personal and actually darn rude questions struck a chord with me, then...

... She Told Me Something that Almost Forced Me To Create This Website

She said: "I get out of bed every day, attempt to wake the kids and get them ready for school. Have my shower. Get some clothes on and leave my family to go to work. I work a good 9 hour day, drive home and exhaustedly slump onto the couch."

"But You! I see you through this window (she points) every single morning. You're right there on the couch when I get up. Right there when I go to work. And more often that not you're right there when I get home."

I nodded uncomfortably, Sarah was getting worked up.

"But it wouldn't matter if you we're like the most who do that kind of thing.... Penniless! But (she laughed) you're not. You've got a luxury car. This house. You take regular vacations ... god knows why you need them.."

I stopped Sarah right there. She was starting to get annoyed and that's not what I wanted. With a moment of thought I decided I would tell Sarah something... The reason I can sit on my peach leather couch all day but still keep up with payments on my house, car, holidays etc:

So I told her what I haven't even shared with my friends and family- How I can be a lazy bugger - But be a lazy bugger in a 3 story, 6 bedroom house!

Y'see back in the mid 1980's - unemployment was at an all-time high. I was just a small child then living with my mother. And we lived in an "ok" house on the posh side of San Diego. As a kid I guess I never gave it much though but my mother (Cathy - god rest her soul) was a hard worker.

She had been a hard working employee for over 20 years until the day she was forced to leave due to company bankruptcy. I remember the couple of weeks after that we we're living off our savings. The little bit my rather clever mother had kept back. Just incase.

But a few weeks' later things we're back to normal. Well not totally normal, because my mother never left in the morning for work. She would see my off from the gates to my school in Mission Bay. And turn straight around and go back inside the house to start work.

Because back then my mother was taking advantage of "this" too. She had an old "Brother Type-A-Graph" typewriter. She would tap away at that all day.

But The Money Kept Rolling In...

At Christmas she even bought me the Bianchi bicycle I was after.

But anyway she was making money "entering data" quite simply. Because at the time direct mail was in full swing. If you don't know what 'direct mail' is... it's the crappy letters full of hype which are jammed into your mail box every day. Y'know "Refinance your home mortgage...", "Limited places available on luxury cruise line". That kind of thing.

But these companies need the lists of customers to send these letters to. And thanks to the lack of technology back then one of the main problems was duplicated customers in the mailing lists. This cost the companies thousands of dollars each mailing, because of wasted resources when Mr Johnson would be mailed the same letter 5 times.

Not only was it a waste of time and money but the offers became ineffective because the personalization of the letter's was ruined.

So People Like My Mother Were Employed...

To go through mailing list removing duplicates. They would also assemble new mailing lists after being given records like customer log books etc. On a type-a-graph typewriter it was hard work. One mess up and the whole page would need to be redone.


The pay was great. This job was boring and repetitive. Which was precisely why, my mother was earning $135 every day. It suited her down to the ground. She was a natural hard-worker.

But right now you may be thinking "Nice story mate but...

... What's Your Mother Got To Do With Me?"

Well a few years later these data entry jobs were faded out. The jobs we're taken over by computers, massively cutting costs for companies. But my mother was approaching 68 years old then and so after being let off by the company who employed her she slumped into retirement.

I had forgotten all about these "data entry" jobs for around 15 years. Until one Wednesday afternoon when sitting in the office at the marketing firm where I worked. Out of boredom I was flicking through Mondays newspaper (San Diego Union) when I saw an ad in the classifieds. It said:

************************************* Data Entry Workers Required

Pay is $25 - $50 an Hour. Work from Home at PC. No Experience Req.

Call: 619 278 XXXX


I tore it out and slipped it into my top pocket then continued to "work" for the rest of that day. When I got home to my apartment I took out the intriguing ad and sat on the bed remembering the data entry job my mother took up all those years ago. A few minutes later I rang the number and got chatting to a guy called Colin.

Colin told me all about how the old data job's my mother worked at we're fizzled out and until last year these "data entry" positions were unheard of. But since the coming of the internet, demand for "data entry" has sparked again. He laughed as he told me it wasn't the same as those years ago... computers take care of the mailing lists now. But what companies actually require is for their ads to be written. This is something which computers can't do because...

It Requires Human Thoughts.

When you search on the likes of Google he told me... People have to write those ads which you click on after searching. So what companies do is they provide workers with a list of keywords... for example:

1. Golf Clubs 2. Luxury Golfing 3. Spanish Golf Holidays 4. Lively Resort

And the workers receive that list of keywords and are required to write a simple ad text for that company... it should include a title, line 1 and line 2... For example with the above keywords a data entry worker could write:

************************************* Spanish Luxury Golf Holidays

Want a cheap Spanish golfing holiday? Near a Lively Resort, Plenty Of Nightlife


The main thing is, Colin stressed: you aren't required to write in a certain style. You write the ad text however you wish. The companies never reject it and you are always paid. For writing just a few ads like the one above and submitting it to the companies I get paid $25 - $50.

This Amounts To Around $1200 A Day!

... Quite a lot more than what my mother was earning. But then again these companies cannot function without people like me. If the ads aren't written they don't make money.

Hence Why They Pay a Premium For The Work

So after that quick telephone call with Colin Gracie I signed up and started working. I found out that data entry jobs are now done online. Colin provided me with a username and password for which I could log into his site. From there I was provided with keywords, and after following the step-by-step instructions I was pumping out ads like crazy!

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